Q: What do you mean by “progressive”?

A: Come to our events and find out — we’ll define it together!


Q: Who’s in charge of PYM?

A: PYM is the co-creation of John Vest and Tony Jones, two veteran youth ministers who shared a desire to create a gathering for progressive youth workers. Together they plan the conference, along with input from friends, sponsors, and past attendees. In 2014 and 2015, PYM was a hosted by Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, in 2016 PYM was held at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, and in 2017 it was at Montreat Conference Center.


Q: Why did you move it to Montreat?

A: While we loved hosting PYM at churches in large metro areas, when Montreat invited us to host the conference at their center, it seemed like a great idea. At Montreat, two important things happened: 1) it cost everyone a lot less, since the cost for food and lodging at Montreat was a lot less than hotel rooms and restaurants, and 2) we will had a great chance to build community since we all stayed at the center together.


Q: How can you hold a conference in North Carolina when the state has laws that are clearly discriminatory toward GLBTQ persons?


A: We are very troubled by this terrible law, and we understand why some businesses, events, and concerts have pulled out of North Carolina. That is surely a powerful form of protest. It is also powerful to go to North Carolina and ally with our brothers and sisters who are fighting discrimination. Two of our speakers — Anthony Smith and Lauren Winner — are residents of North Carolina and are working on the ground there in roles of ministerial leadership. And Montreat Conference Center, too, has been active in fighting this law. When the law passed, they immediately released a statement of dissent.


At the PYM conference, we worked with Anthony, Lauren, the staff of Montreat, and others to do what we can to fight discrimination in North Carolina. Thank you for joining us!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: We have kept our prices the same since PYM started: $179 for Super Early Bird; $199 for Early Bird; and $249 for a regular ticket. Food and lodging at Montreat ranged from $222 to $366, depending on the type of room you chose. Even if you do not stay at Montreat, there is a required meal plan for the conference.


Q: Is this event for church-based youth pastors?

A: It is, but by no means is it only for them. It’s also for college campus pastors and chaplains, parachurch workers, youth ministry volunteers, denominational executives, and anyone who works with youth.


Q: Can I bring my youth?

A: While this conference is designed for those who work with youth, we welcome you to bring your older youth (high school juniors and seniors and college students), especially those who are in leadership positions in your ministry.


Q: What is your refund policy if I can’t make it for some reason?

A: In order to keep all of our events and conferences affordable, The JoPa Group works efficiently. We have a small staff, and we try to keep overhead (like credit card transaction fees) to a minimum. For that reason, we do not offer refunds for canceled registrations. However, up until 7 days prior to the event, you can transfer your registration to another person, or you can bank your registration fee for a future JoPa Group event.


Q: Can I lead a seminar or workshop?

A: Every year we invite PYMers to give seminars. If you’d like to nominate yourself, please email your idea to info@jopaproductions.com


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